Why Hire a Copywriter? You Don’t Have Time to Write

I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a coach that is somewhat local to my area. She and I immediately connected when she saw my posts on LinkedIn.

Her coaching business is going so well that something crazy happened; She no longer has time to write. She’s gotten so wrapped up in what she’s accomplishing every day that her marketing plan has fallen to the wayside.

Time to Write

Coaches hire me because they don’t have time to write.

But why?

Think about how your coaching business works.


Build up a list of people > Sell them your products > Sell them more products > Bring in more people > Sell them your products > Introduce new products > Sell these products to new and old people

Now take a step back and remove even one of those links. If you aren’t introducing new products, you don’t have anything to sell your people. You are not making money if you break the cycle. Does that make sense?

Something else happens; You forget to see the big picture of how you should be propagating your business sales.

For example, let’s say that you have six speaking events scheduled in the next six weeks, plus you are running an individual coaching plan, plus you are teaching in a few corporations (i.e. you are busy). When do you do your marketing?

You’re so busy in fact, that even though you have these events schedule, you forget to promote them.

You don’t have a landing page set up to direct sign-up traffic to, you aren’t telling your people on social media about what you’re up to, and you definitely aren’t sending out any notifications to your email list.

Oh, and what about current clients? Do they even know about the additional retreats you have planned?

You need a copywriter to help you.

Want more? Because you should also be recording those retreats. You should be turning your speeches into podcasts or short snippets of video for your website.

Want more? You should be pulling from the questions, comments and concerns of those audiences to grow yourself and create more content that you then … see above.

A copywriter will:

  • Become familiar with your brand
  • Use your voice / give you authorship
  • Maintain interest in your audience
  • Be your Amazon product copywriter
  • Keep your passive income flowing (fresh content = fresh leads)
  • Edit your existing work / use your brain candy

And what will you do? You’ll keep making money, that’s what. You’ll keep on coaching while the copywriter gets done all the stuff behind the scenes that you don’t have time for.

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