The First Steps in Your Trippin’ SEO Stroll

Being successful on the internet normally means having a high level of steadily increasing online traffic. In other words – you have to be visible. And by far the most common medium of communication online, even now, is the written word. Therefore it makes sense that the written words on your website should be a big part of what brings in more traffic.

Enter Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly, SEO. Content that is really well-written, highly readable and at the same time SEO-friendly is going to generate some major click rates (read: traffic) for your website. This means fame, credibility, good business or anything else that you define your success as.


Take a look at the following for some tips on writing that crazy click-maker:

1) A good title goes a long way in generating interest, clicks and success. It is your initial and most immediate way of not only getting across what the article is about, but why the casual browser should bother stopping by to read it. So put some effort into your title, it makes a big difference!

2) Next up is presentation. It goes without saying that your content is the clincher, but the way you present it goes a long way. Use bullet points or numbers; people find lists much easier to digest than long paragraphs. It also helps you organize your writing. Further, using plenty of white space makes it look easier to read and keeps people scrolling longer. So keep your paragraphs small as well.

3) And then, as mentioned, your content is the deal-maker. Keep putting in interesting tidbits of information throughout your article. And have something to say before writing! The article should give something new to the reader and let them know what to expect if they allow themselves to be guided by your information.

4) Finally, you don’t want passive readers. You want readers that are willing to engage with your article and, hence, with you. Put in some leading lines towards the end and include a resource box with links that will take the reader to your website or homepage. This box should have one or two of the most relevant lines of information about you and ideally a picture as well.

And at the end – proofread. This shouldn’t be mentioned as a ‘step’ as this is a part and parcel of the writing process but many people seem to forget that. Always, always, always proofread and edit your work! Take out any words that do not add to the sentence or concept, keep it short, simple and to the point. Articles exist as little nuggets, not out and out mines, of information.