The Evolution of Cashmere Pashminas & Modern Styling Tips

A cashmere pashmina has always ranked amongst favourite wardrobe props for women. They love to wrap themselves in its comfort and indulge in its luxury. Also, its rich texture has grabbed the attention of apparel stylists and designers. You can see its proof when models flaunt clothes and pashminas made of this fabric in various fashion shows and events.

However, women’s love for this intricate fabric is not new; it has existed for ages. Here is a look through the history associated with it and how did it evolve.

History of the cashmere pashmina

Earlier, the royal houses adorned these pashminas for years. It was a mark of luxury for the rich and prosperous families. Its luxurious and comfortable feel is what made it so special. They are also a traditional symbol for the Asian culture.

Source of cashmere fabric

A cashmere pashmina finds its source in the Himalayan ranges. The wool is derived from the finer undercoats of special Himalayan goats living at an altitude above 15,000 – 18,000 feet. The fine hair provides them with warmth and helps them survive in frigid conditions.

Types of clothing available

Earlier, this fabric found its home only in the gowns of royal families. However, with a change in time, they have become a part of an extensive clothing line. However, the most famous are still these cashmere pashminas.

Affordability of the cashmere pashmina

As already said, in old times only the rich who had means to afford beauty and warmth could own them. However, with an increase in the rearing of these goats and large-scale production of wool, clothes made of cashmere fabric have found a taker in the common man. Besides, various online sellers have made sure that you can easily and inexpensively buy a cashmere pashmina, shawl, pullover, etc.

burberry cashmere pashmina
burberry cashmere pashmina

Tips to style your prized cashmere scarf

You can style these exceptional accessories in various ways to exude elegance. Nevertheless, two styling tips deserve special mention when it comes to wrapping those incredibly warm and fine luxurious pashminas.

Tip 1 – Drape your cashmere pashmina in that classic style of Grace Kelly. Take its two ends and tie them to each other. It will form a snood-like shape and will help you cover the head and neck without much effort.

Tip 2 – Here’s another style mantra that will keep you warm with a cashmere pashmina while giving you a chic look at the same time. Double over your scarf lengthwise and keep the folded section at the back. It will bring the two ends in front. The point where you folded first will make a loop where you can insert the other end and pull to fit your neck. Keep the chills out with this effective style.

These ideal cashmere pashminas can be used in many more ways to keep you warm. You can also tuck it inside the jacket or make a drape over the top, or try any trendy wrap. You are sure to get enough warmth during winters with these elegant pashminas

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