Press Releases that Push It

The first ever press release may have been about a train wreck, but that’s no reason for your press release to resemble one. It is one of the most effective means of communication your company or website has, both with the press and via the press, so make the most of it.

What you’re looking at is informing the public of any newsworthy or interesting events (such as new product releases and so on) that they may be interested in. It’s a great way to earn publicity as well as keep up communication between you and your customer base.

So what are we looking at here? Informative, to the point, interesting and well-written; press releases that grab your attention and then run with it. Here’s how.

Press Release

Press Tip 1: The Riveting Title

Make it short, highly-descriptive and matter-of-fact. You do not need much marketing hype when you’re already talking about a new product or event. Look at Google AdWords for an idea of concise headings (those links to the right of your search result page). Use plenty of keywords in a short, readable sentence.

Press Tip 2: The Juicy Gist

Give a summary of about three to five sentences underneath the heading. Make sure you’ve got the essence of your press release in there, especially with regards to how the customer will benefit, so that even a quick scan will provide the casual reader with the relevant information. But keep it quick. It’s a great way to stay in their heads long after they’ve put down the paper and gone for golf.

Press Tip 3: The Meat of the Matter

There should be plenty of meat on those bones. A press release is not an advertisement, editorial or an advertorial. If your company is launching a new product, sponsoring a charity event, merging with another company, calling a press conference, attending a trade show and so on, then you release a press statement. Be straight with your customers and answer the who, what, where, when and why of your company event.

Press Tip 4: Format the News Flash

As mentioned earlier, your press release is not like other forms of communication your company normally deploys. It must be written in an informative way, using a pleasant but not frenzied ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!’ tone. Also make sure you give release instructions for the newspaper right at the top, whether it’s for ‘immediate release’ or a later date that you specify.

And you’re set – go out into the world and joyfully release those press releases! Quality copywriting of press releases is affordable as the ROI (return on investment) is pretty damn good.