Is a Parrot a Good Pet?

I am certain you have all heard the adage – ‘Parrots have more character than a goldfish’- and keeping in mind that this is valid, there are a couple of home facts to be thought about parrots before hurrying out to get one as a pet. 

Parrots are stunning creatures, since, similar to a pooch, they can turn into an extremely close friend for you. In any case, it is far simpler to prepare a pooch at first than a parrot. Parrots are touchy animals that must be cared for and supported, and the more love and consideration that they are given, the more their individual characters will sparkle out. 


You would do well to recollect that a parrot is really a wild creature that is intended to live out in nature. In this way they can be risky now and again and furthermore sensitive. In spite of the fact that it is absurd to expect to send a flying creature that has been tamed once again into the wild to battle for itself, you should ensure your flying creature is given bunches of consideration and kept invigorated to stay away from it getting to be focused and exhausted, which can bring about it hauling out its quills. 

An expression of alert 

Don’t purchase a parrot for a little youngster. Parrots have sharp bills that can cause some genuine harm on the off chance that one isn’t cautious. Thus they need particular preparing and dealing with at first, so they can be instructed not to nibble or assault. 

In the event that you are searching for a parrot as a family pet, you may need to change to a pooch for this, in light of the fact that most parrots just bond with one individual and will in general be forceful or simply overlook different individuals from the family. They can likewise get very possessive over the individual that they have reinforced with. 

Size matters

An Amazon parrot is likely one of the most forceful, and would make the least appropriate family pet. On the off chance that it is a family winged animal you are after, rather go for a budgie or a cockatiel. 

On the off chance that you don’t care for a commotion, at that point a parrot isn’t for you. Parrots will in general be exceptionally vocal and this can bother a few people. This is something else that you should prepare out of them and it tends to be finished with persistence, yet they will in any case be very loud at specific occasions of the day, even once they are prepared. 

A parrot needs room

Ensure that you buy a satisfactorily measured pen for your pet, as they do require a decent lot of room to move around in, and it is barbarous to keep them in a pen that is unreasonably little for them. Try to keep your winged animal out of the breeze as fowls abhor drafts. Give them hemp oil for pets and special treats on a weekly basis.

A very much prepared and thought about parrot can be a great expansion to your home and your life, and they can give you forever and a day of bliss, as they have a long life expectancy. 

Those are the central matters, and ideally this article will enable you to choose for yourself whether a parrot will be a decent decision of pet for you.

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