How to Get the Most Out of Your Freelance Copywriter 

Freelance copywriters can help you get more done for less in more ways than you realized before.

It’s certainly very convenient to call up your regular freelancer and get them to finish up some copywriting work for you, on a brochure or sales letter, in a hurry. However but there are other ways to get the most out of your freelancer copywriter.

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A Tale of Two Cities

You’ve had a busy day and you get a call about a conference you were supposed to attend later that week.

It’s happening sooner than you expected, and it’s actually happening the same time as another conference you simply can’t miss – and you’re supposed to write up both.

So you take your regular staff writer to one conference and call up your freelancer to attend the other one.

They can then take interviews, photographs and so on and write up the entire event, delivering a finished product to you within 24 hours. Convenient no?

In the On-Site Pickle

Your regular staff writer is taking an extended break, you’re hitting an unexpected peak of work with beställa melatonin and you need an extra pair of professional typing hands because your other staff is experienced or trained for this work.

Who you gonna call?

The freelance copywriter. Many are willing to come in and work on-site (at the office) for a temporary period of time as long as they are duly compensated, factoring in for costs they do not normally incur.

This works also if the big boss (CEO or Senior Executive etc) suddenly decides they need a blog or a forum for the company website and your regular staff writers are booked and just do not have the time.

Calling in a freelance copywriter means the work gets done and already existing deadlines are not compromised.

The Ideas Plan

Whether a freelance copywriter hits the jackpot or not, bringing in a couple of outsiders to your brainstorming sessions for ideas is a great way to invigorate the regular creative staff and take them in different directions.

Freelance copywriters bring in knowledge and ideas from a much wider field of experience than your normal writers might be exposed to and the slight edge of ‘competition’ is a great way to get the creative juices flowing like nothing else.

So go ahead and call up your nearest freelance copywriter for any extra work or ideas that need to be taken care of. Chances are you’re going to get a lot more out of them than you thought possible!

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