The First Steps in Your Trippin’ SEO Stroll

Being successful on the internet normally means having a high level of steadily increasing online traffic. In other words – you have to be visible. And by far the most common medium of communication online, even now, is the written word. Therefore it makes sense that the written words on your website should be a big part of what brings in more traffic.

Enter Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly, SEO. Content that is really well-written, highly readable and at the same time SEO-friendly is going to generate some major click rates (read: traffic) for your website. This means fame, credibility, good business or anything else that you define your success as.


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Press Releases that Push It

The first ever press release may have been about a train wreck, but that’s no reason for your press release to resemble one. It is one of the most effective means of communication your company or website has, both with the press and via the press, so make the most of it.

What you’re looking at is informing the public of any newsworthy or interesting events (such as new product releases and so on) that they may be interested in. It’s a great way to earn publicity as well as keep up communication between you and your customer base.

So what are we looking at here? Informative, to the point, interesting and well-written; press releases that grab your attention and then run with it. Here’s how.

Press Release

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Web Copywriting and Content Writing that Gets The Clicks You Want

When you are talking about web copywriting and web content writing, there are a lot of different areas that are included. It includes content for emails, online catalogs, articles and brochures, but also includes web banners, hyperlink text and other online tools that are all aimed to bring business to your website.

The trick behind web copywriting and web content writing that is effective is writing clear, concise content that makes users want to go to your site and increases the clicks you need to get business on your website.

The key is to write a few compelling words that make the user want to go to your site. The style and content of your writing have to be nicely put together in order for it all to be effective.

Website copywriting and content

One of the biggest ways to make your web copywriting and web content writing really effective is to present the entire package as uniform in design and looks like it is put together well.


Instead of focusing on one element such as a button on one of your web pages, approach the entire project with a solid and consistent design pattern.

This helps create a well put together look to consumers, and when they see it they will associate it with your website, wherever the advertisements are listed.

This whole process requires the ability to create a vision for your eCommerce site. The content that you use has to be well written and descriptive, without being wordy.

It is not just the appearance of the buttons and advertisements that will allure a user to your site, it is the way that the web content writing and web copywriting is written and used that will make a big difference in the traffic to your site.

Filling your website with good content

Filling a successful website with good content is often difficult and challenging.

Since most websites are so rich with information, developing the information to fill them with often takes months for website owners. Without the information, competing with others might not be possible.

Yet, there are resources that can help.

Most website owners do not record their daily business dealings. If they did, the information could be used to develop superb website content.

One way to start writing quality information is to pretend to be a surfer visiting your site and write down all the questions you would ask the website owner. This situation offers a variety of angles for writing.

Most would avoid the chore of writing for their website if possible and, amazingly, they can.

Professional copywriters

There are companies in the market offering copy writing services as well as web design and development.

One of the important services offered is copywriting for SEO – aka – search engine optimization.

This allows for website owners to focus on their clients rather than having to learn how to put information on a computer. Many potential clients ask is copywriting affordable to most website owners?


A second option is to strike a deal with a local media outlet to acquire syndicated copy, which can be used on your website. This is a successful alternative for many professionals, especially those based in urban areas where owners of news and print operations constantly seek extra revenue.

And, linking your services with the market of an established business, like a newspaper, also will broaden your business potential.

Never duplicate copy

One potential negative is the risk of mistakenly posting duplicate copy on your website, which causes search engines to skip your pages and makes it difficult for internet users to find your site.

Avoid this problem by buying exclusive web rights for the information. Ask the media company if they also plan to post the information on their site. If so, you should pay less.

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